Stone Age: Phantom Quartz


Any stone with a phantom inside is said to bring immense healing energy to the earth. This same abundant energy can also be used to facilitate deep inner growth and is often a catalyst for some serious transformation. It is a wonderful tool for your meditation practice since it can help you to discover or realize hidden or buried information. It also will deepen your meditation state. Phantoms are great for past-life realizations and regressions, helping you to understand synchronicities in your current life. It helps you to tap into the Akashic Record, where you can access all information that exists. Phantoms bring heightened awareness of the self, the planet, and the energy of others around you. It can also activate any healing abilities within yourself. To learn about Clear Quartz healing in particular, check here.


Phantom crystals look like there is a little ghost or phantom within a crystal. Sometimes it can look like a different crystal within it, entirely.


Phantom crystals can happen to all stones, be that quartz, amethyst, fluorite - you name it. All phantoms will possess the knowledge of the stone in question, with the additional properties of the phantom. A phantom grows when the growing cycle of a crystal is interrupted. These crystals typically grow very slowly.