Stone Age: Peanut Wood


Peanut Wood encourages practicality and is very grounding, making it good for decision making and for any meditation or yoga dedicated to grounding and stability. Known as "the stone of the earth" Peanut Wood is a survival stone, helping to balance and stabilize the emotions and any survival based fears. This stone has the ability to make it's owner feel ageless and young and that time is not the enemy. If you are in a position of authority or leadership, Peanut Wood can help you to become stronger and better in your role. It has endured various intensities over its existence and still remains; solid, strong, beautiful. You, too, can possess this type of vibration. Thanks to its ancient properties and physicality, it is a great tool to venture into past lives for insight on past life traumas that are affecting you in this life.


Peanut Wood is essentially fossilized or petrified wood, meaning over time a tree turned to stone. However, at some point, Peanut Wood was swept out to see and turned into driftwood before it fossilized, some 50 million years ago. It is brown, grey and sometimes green, and has tiny markings that were once holes - but are now filled with hardened sediment from the sea - resembling little peanuts.


This is a great stone to keep on you if you feel a race against the clock. If you're feeling rushed, frazzled or that you don't have enough hours in the day, Peanut Wood can help smooth out these feelings of unease, helping you keep a steady rhythm throughout your day. And vice versa, if you feel the hours are slogging by and you are suffering from boredom, Peanut Wood is a good pal to pick up the pace.