Stone Age: Optical Calcite


Optical Calcite is a seriously cool stone. It has a very high vibration that you'll feel immediately upon holding it. It removes blocks from the energy system and creates free-flowing movement through all the subtle bodies. You'll feel lighter and more connected while working with it. If you find you are living with a lot of negative emotions bubbling up through your day, try meditating with Optical Calcite. It helps to amplify positivity, your personal intent, and connecting with your physical self. As a "stone of the mind", Optical Calcite brings clarity. This is important because we typically live out our days with our head down, unconscious of our own energy system and how it's working. Keeping Optical Calcite with you keeps you connected to your body and how you're feeling. Calcites are cleansing stones, helping to tidy up any imbalances. Optical Calcite will carry these cleansing properties as well.


Optical Calcite is a clear stone with a very identifiable feature. When you look through its translucent body, you should be able to see images clearly on the other side. But the images will be doubled! This stone will sometimes project opal-like rainbows on the colour spectrum thanks to the light shooting through its body.


Optical Calcite was studied intensely by Isaac Newton. When you peer through this stone, it bends light, creating a doubled image. You could actually read your fave magazine while looking through this stone! This doubling energy makes Optical Calcite an amazing stone to use in gridwork.