Stone Age: Opalite


Opalite is a great stone for smoothing out mood swings or difficult emotions. It is said that this stone can induce visions and daydreaming, uncovering buried lessons we have not paid attention to or potentially forgotten. It helps us to understand our true selves and what our true paths may be, no matter how far we've deviated. Opalite encourages exploration in the self, and encourages you not to give up or limit yourself when it comes to your dreams. For those who have experienced pain, or feel hardened by their experiences, this is a lovely stone to seek out and make peace with what you have seen, felt and believed. It helps encourage release so healing can take place. Opalite is known as the stone of "personal endowment" and can move mountains when it comes to how you feel about yourself. It is also been known to enhance sexual experiences when kept in the bedroom. ZING!


This crystal is milky in appearance but has a brilliant iridescent factor that emits rainbows inside its core. It is a man-made glass-like stone. Though the stone has a opalescent hue, it is available in various tints such as pink, purple, blue and yellow tones.


If you are not feeling rested upon waking, try sleeping with Opalite tucked near you during dream time. It induces a deep sleep state and is a stone to perpetuate serenity and peacefulness. It can turn your dreams during your sleep into positive experiences and lessons to help transform your mind into a adopting a more positive perspective.

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