Stone Age: Onyx


If you are moving into a personal space where you need strength, Onyx is your best possible crystal choice. It offers support, clarity and strength during stressful times, and helps to centre and ground your energy, returning your power to you. It is particularly beneficial during times of mental and physical stress. Onyx can also help you become the master of your own destiny! It offers clarity and personal insight so you can better prepare for potentials and future directions, stimulating an inner strength that builds confidence, stamina and zest. It helps you to unleash your power and your potential. It heals old, lingering grief or memories of pain that have not healed correctly, bringing you that clarity and closure needed to move forward. Onyx accesses a connection to Universal energy, calling on your guides and spiritual team, and a higher guidance to assist you. It was believed that wearing Onyx helped to quell overactive lust or sexual energies (but not eliminate them, just kept them under control).


Onyx comes in many colourful varieties including black, grey and white, and yellow, red, blue and brown. It is often polished and lightly banded with a marble-like texture, weight and appearance. It is often confused with obsidian.


Onyx is a secretive stone, helping you to keep secrets and helping the secrets you do choose to share stay hush-hush. However, even with cleansing, it is said that Onyx hangs on to the secrets that were released with its energetic presence, potentially offering insight to those who are sensitive to this type of energy. But this does make it effective for past life work as it can delve into past issues with finesse and hang on to them, and much of their secrets.