Stone Age: Obsidian


This is a very powerful and intense stone. Obsidian anchors the spirit into the body, supercharging your soul purpose and stimulating profound personal growth. It will show you who you really are, and encourage self-control. Naturally forged deep within volcanoes, Obsidian is lava that has cooled very quickly. That means, it works very quickly, too. It is very supportive and pushes transformative growth; this powerful stone is not for the faint of heart. It uncovers weaknesses, blockages, issues and flaws - whether we want to look at them or not - offering bold insight and truth. It will bring to light your shadow work. Like the catharsis of intense crying, Obsidian offers profound soul healing, particularly on painful issues that are hurting you. It will drill down, deep into the core of the problem, expose the issue, and then clean up the mess. Since this stone can drum up all kinds of intense emotions, it should be used with caution and only when you feel you are ready. Determined. It is very protective, erecting shields of protection around you, disallowing any negativity to penetrate. This is a great stone for empaths and sensitive people who are at the mercy of other's emotions. This is a limitless stone! While it can heal many problems, it will unveil why the problem started in the first place, or what the root of the issue is, so always brace yourself if you're ready to know this information. It absorbs EMFs, stale energy, and anything that doesn't belong. Due to this intensity, it should be cleansed after each use.


Obsidian comes in brown, blue, silver, red, green and a slew of varieties, but it is primarily black. It is shiny, with a glass-like reflective appearance, though it is opaque. It is molten lava and used to be a primary tool for creating weapons.


If you're suffering from anxiety and stress, or mental setbacks, Obsidian works well when placed under the pillow, offering healing and drawing out negativity during the impressionable sleeping states. It brings clarity, opens new horizons, and expanding consciousness.