Stone Age: Nuummite


Nuummite is one of my all-time favourite stones. This "Magician's Stone" is intensely magical. It is said to draw Earthly magic mixed with the raw power found within a storm. It increases your personal luck and works well when working with only one person. This stone of personal magic can help deepen your understanding of the self, revealing your being's truth while supporting any natural psychic abilities such as clairaudience or clairvoyance. We all have these abilities, though some of us need to be thoroughly trained in them, and Nuummite is a great companion. Self-mastery, heightened intuition and powerful grounding abilities, Nuummite is for the person ready to harness her inner power. She is ready to come into her own. This stone is connected to wild nature and can be used in elemental magic.


Nuummite is dark charcoal or black with tiny silvery flecks that sometimes catch the light. It is one of the oldest crystals, birthed from volcanic origins. It's dense and a little bit heavier than you would expect. Above, mine is polished with only faint speckles, however there can be large tendrils of silvery white spots within this guy. Parts of it can also be slightly translucent revealing an inner ambery/gold colour, though it is usually quite faint. It can offer hints of other colours, though it is not as common.


This stone has a strong magnetic field, amplifying its owner's personal energy. It creates a shield through your aura, fiercely protecting your being in cloaked armour. Those sending you ill-wishes, attempting to manipulate or use you will be quickly diffused.