Stone Age: Moss Agate



Like the tiny green veining, reminiscent of new life, Moss Agate is great for offering support through new beginnings of all kinds, and conception. It is an abundance stone, offering an attraction to health and wellness. While citrine may attract financial abundance, Moss Agate attracts abundance to your physicality. This connection often makes it sought out for fertility support and connection to the divine feminine. It helps connect you to nature, and is good to keep on you during bouts of understanding or processing your spiritual journey. Like the blossoming and abundance that can be found in nature, Moss Agate reconnects you to the natural rhythms around us, including your natural rhythms. As a green stone, it is connected to the heart centre, helping to release old wounds while encouraging new healing, love and growth in matters of the heart.


While most stones in the Agate Family have characteristic bands that cross through the stone, Moss Agate often has clusters or veining instead of the traditional banded appearance. It can be milky, opaque white, translucent-like, or variations of light to dark green, but will always have green inflections that look like - moss! Sometimes there can be small inclusions of yellowish brown, red and even blue.


Moss Agate is a great stone for stabilizing energy. If you need support in developing and sustaining new personal rituals and habits, seek out this stone to root you. It is the crystal for gardeners, farmers - even plants! Tuck a couple in the soil of your potted plants to support their healthy and promote abundance.