Stone Age: Moldavite


Moldavite is a very powerful rare stone that often radiates energy just by holding a tiny piece in your hand. It is best to use it wisely... It is an alien stone in that it is said to have an extraterrestrial origin after being within a meteorite that struck the earth. This impact altered other rocks in the area, creating unique alien and earth energies, newly connected. In the dramatic fashion that this stone arrived on earth, it is believed its intense energies were sent to us to help heal the varying dynamic energetic pollution that we experience regularly. Thanks to its extraterrestrial origin, it is believed to help connect us to higher energy, guides, and extraterrestrials. Moldavite is believed to have its own cosmic contracts that helps individual soul groups stay on track. Your soul group has a particular "group goal" and Moldavite can help steer and direct a bigger purpose soul contract in a large way. It opens, clears and aligns the chakra system, propelling immediate spiritual growth. It can pass through time, allowing you to access and receive insight from future lives, past lives and parallel lives. If you are a star child (sometimes called star children), or you're someone who feels "homesick" or as if you are not of this earth, working with Moldavite may be extremely rewarding in connecting you to your originating planet and help guide you as someone who has come here to help advance the planet into a higher vibration. If you are sensitive, empathic or suffering from strong emotions, or perhaps unused to the heavy emotions we experience as humans, this stone can help you adjust and continue your deep cosmic contract. It has been used as a stone to promote fertility, improve inspiration, and awaken buried memories.


Moldavite is form of tektite, and is only found in one area of the world. It will be extinct once all is harvested due to coming from a meteor. It does not have a crystalline structure like other crystals and can offer amazing transformation due to its different structure. It is always dark green in colour, with transparent edges and a gnarled centre. It is usually harvested in small varieties. Moldavite is extremely delicate and should not be cleaned with salt or water.


Moldavite brings others stone's into their highest vibration. Keep it with crystals that you have dedicated or programmed, to help supercharge their effects. It is also said that if you hold this crystal up to the light and gaze into it, your consciousness will be altered, sending you into a meditative, trance-like state to access deep wisdom straight from the Akashic Record. But since it is so powerful, you do need to have a grounding stone to work with alongside it - especially if you are sensitive/empathic/a star child, otherwise you may feel incredibly loopy and disconnected. Its otherworldly insight can also shine a light on any disease you are suffering from, showing you the "gift" within your illness.