Stone Age: Merlinite


Many of us hide from our shadow sides; the darker part of ourselves that we aren’t necessarily proud of or want people to know about. Merlinite can help its owner understand these darker parts in order to truly achieve self-mastery. Can we truly know light unless we fully understand darkness? Merlinite promotes spiritual growth on a deep level often helping its owner connect with the energies of the elements. Because of this, it is deeply rooted in shamanistic practices – something everyone needs a little bit more of in his or her day-to-day life. Once you and your piece of Merlinite get to know each other, it can help you connect with other souls who may provide you with some rather wild insights about who you are, what your journey is and where you’ve come from. This crystal can help you progress more quickly on your spiritual journey.


My little nugget pictured looks a lot like a chic piece of granite or marble countertop. There are usually wispy curls of black and white, lending this stone its name – Merlinite, like the famous wizard Merlin, known for his mastery with magic and whimsy. You’ll notice my stone has some tan hues in it, but it is primarily a cloudy white with pocks of black.


Slip Merlinite under your pillow! It can help you have a more restful sleep but more importantly when it’s close to your ears it can assist its owner in remembering past lives. Maybe you were Merlin’s right hand man or woman? Trust me, I’ve heard crazier things. I like to think I was a queen of some rolling kingdom, but I was probably just a goat lost in a field. Your past lives have been numerous; so pay attention to your dreams when Merlinite is around.

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