Stone Age: Mangano Calcite


Mangano Calcite is one of the crystals in contact with the Angelic Realms. It puts us into contact with angels so they can assist us with their loving energy. It is a heart stone, opening us up to unconditional love when our bodies are often starved for it. It is great for self-love and acceptance, and an impeccable tool for helping its owner recognize his or her self-worth. If you have suffered through any trauma or grief, this stone's gentle energy is a great healer, carefully enveloping us in its soft, cloudy, loving energy. It is particularly healing if you have experienced any childhood traumas that are still affecting your well-being, consciously or subconsciously. Pink stones are absolutely lovely for relearning how to love, admire, respect and appreciate ourselves. Mangano Calcite helps us to release any mindsets that are holding us in the past, encouraging us to let go of the feelings that no longer serve us. It is a stress zapper, relieving us of anxiety and tension, filling us with much needed nurturing. This nurturing energy has a very motherly feel, helping renew a sense of value, support and love - the unconditional love of a mother. If you feel drawn to this stone just upon looking at it, you are craving motherly affection, or the love and understanding that comes with a maternal relationship. We are all children to someone. It is also sometimes referred to as the "Reiki Stone" for this therapeutic, healing energy.


This crystal is a very dreamy light pink, often with soft white waves coursing through it. It is not vibrant. There are many versions of calcite - and we will explore them - but Mangano Calcite is a personal favourite of mine for it's enveloping appearance. The white parts in the crystal are often cloudier than the rosy hues. You can see the opaque white threading in the photo of mine, above.


Are you having bad dreams? Mangano Calcite is great for combating nightmares, and works wonders when paired with the power of a dreamcatcher and amethyst. You can tuck it under your pillow, weave it through a dreamcatcher, or slip it in the satchel of a medicine bag. All calcite stones are energy cleansers.