Stone Age: Malachite


Malachite is incredibly transformational. Since it amplifies the emotions we are feeling - good or bad - it's a great stone to have with you to really get to the bottom of a situation or emotion occurring in your life. By making you more aware, it can help to transform the situation you need help with, or help understanding. It promotes clear thinking making it good to have on you if you're feeling cloudy or confused about a situation, and are ready to seek clarity. It encourages change, just be sure you're ready to make the necessary change because Malachite doesn't let you go back. SEE - IT'S SO INTENSE! It's a really great stone to have. It's powerful, a change-maker, and so luxurious to look at. Get ready to make some personal progress with this guy.


Malachite is a really bold shade of green and often has stripes coursing through it, similar to Tiger's Eye, a more familiar stone. Like mine above, there is often different hues of green running through it, but the varying colours can be stripey, pocky, or even globby. There is something about its strong colour that is super mesmerizing, even to the crystal newbie. Don't be surprised if this crystal finds its way into your home - which means you've got some personal work to do, my friend.


This guy clears electromagnetic pollution - that icky stuff your microwave and TV give off. And it is also exceptionally protective with children, so if your little one has a lot of buzzing technology in his or her room, tuck some Malachite beside the offender. But remember, Malachite is actually toxic, so make sure the piece you have is polished and not raw. Polished Malachite is safe to handle. Raw = dangerous.