Stone Age: Lepidolite


Lepidolite has a special connection with the throat chakra, activating it and clearing blockages. This helps you to speak your truth, communicate more effectively (be that that in business or relationships), and in turn can dissipate frustration around speaking your mind. With this openness, a cosmic awareness may flood over you. This awareness can help you understand the emotions and actions of other people in your life who may be frustrating you or blocking you in some way. It is also effective in meditation, shamanic journeying or traveling to access the Akashic Records, a library of infinite information. It is intensely powerful at eliminating stress or feelings of depression and sadness. It stabilizes mood swings, toxic addictive patterns such as smoking, anorexia, binge eating and more, and infuses its owner with a supportive, calm energy. Lepidolite is sometimes called a "stone of transition" as it can help realign you with your purpose and goals, removing behavioural patterns that no longer serve you or are not good for you. It acts as the touch stone to set you back on your true path. It will also push and encourage you to stand tall on your own, and conquer your quests without help, reminding you that you are strong enough to do many things on your own. This can bring a resurgence of personal power.


This muted purple/pink stone is slightly grainy when polished or tumbled, but in its raw form it has plate-like layers that are stripy and similar to black tourmaline (rather than malachite or tiger's eye). When polished, its grainy texture remains, but is super shiny. You can sometimes find pieces with sparkly flecks, too.


Lepidolite absorbs the toxic EMF pollution that our electronics can emit. It's great placed by a television or computer - even your alarm clock that sits by your head while you sleep. Lepidolite will take in the electronic emanations so they don't penetrate your subtle bodies and wreck havoc on your health.