Stone Age: Lemurian Quartz


The Lemurian Quartz crystal is a great stone for spiritual advancement. It's powerful energy is very ancient and can help attune its owner to the mysticism of past civilizations, downloading their wisdom and secrets to prosperity, love and wise teachings. It is said that these stones were owned previously, and placed in the ground holding charges or programming from the previous owner. Called a "master stone" these crystals are said to be planted in a grid pattern through the earth. This stone is great for emotional healing, and pairs well with rose quartz. While holding this crystal in your hand, walk around your property to encircle it in protection and light. It is also a good stone for healers to use as they are full of yin energy and are very feminine and healing, balances the chakras. Legend states that these crystals "know" their owner and when one comes to belong to you, there is a responsibility to honour the Lemurian work that needs to be done; remember who you are, who you were and where you come from. Truly, a rich rich stone. Be sure to say "hello" to it when it finds you.


This stone comes in a wide variety of translucent colours such as pink, smoky, green, amber, bluish and clear. Despite their varying colours, they are identified by their deep ladder-like ridges. On the shaved sides of the crystal, tiny horizontal stripes are visible, creating a little ladder to climb toward the crystals point. These "stripes" are what identify the crystal. Lemurian Quartz are some of the most prized crystals within the quartz specimens. The pink hue in my stone above is due to a dusting of hematite through the growing process.


The Lemurian Quartz crystal originates in Brazil, where it is believed by some that an alternative civilization called Lemuria once resided - similar to Atlantis. It was peaceful and very psychically advanced. Because of this connection, the Lemurian Quartz crystal is said to help with any connections to Lemuria, helping its owner possess deep information about this civilization and how they lived. It is believed that this advanced tribe left these crystals behind for us to retrieve so we could learn their secrets when we were spiritually ready.