Stone Age: Larimar


This soothing stone is great for those with a hot temper. It cools down rage outbursts and is great to gift to someone struggling with anger. It is a wonderful tool for working through past-life work to banish any old thought patterns hanging in your spirit. It relieves stress, and is great for tapping into that powerful feminine energy. It is a "worry stone" and recommended to keep on you if you're feeling anxious. Rubbing this worry stone is said to quell anxiety. It heals any traumas to the heart, and great for underlying issues that need to be worked through. It also draws your soulmate to you when worn for prolonged periods of time. It is an incredibly spiritual stone that helps release emotions, helping you to speak your feelings and heart's wishes with clarity and eloquence. If you have any negative entities attached to you, this stone is recommended to clear those energies from you.


Larimar is a soft blue, but is sometimes confused with the popular stone, turquoise. There are often white tendrils coursing through this crystal, reminiscent of bright rippling ocean water. It is harvested in the Dominican Republic. Just keep it out of the sun because this stone is prone to fading.


Since Larimar is only found in one area of the world, it is sometimes called "Atlantis stone" after the sunken city and its strong connection to water energy and the sea itself. It gets your creative juices flowing and is recommended for those seeking inspiration in creative pursuits or soul journeying. 

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