Stone Age: Lapis Lazuli


This is the stone of total awareness. Lapis Lazuli opens the third eye, immediately heightening psychic abilities and stimulating your personal power. It contacts your spirit guides, guardians, angels and ancestors, reigning in their power for your protection. It protects you against psychic attack and even sends negative energy back to its source. Lapis is a great stone to bring deep inner knowledge about the self, encouraging you to take charge. It unveils your inner truth and teaches you self-expression. Also called a thought amplifier, Lapis Lazuli is very stimulating intellectually, opening up your higher mind and bringing deep clarity. This stone can teach you a great truth - one that perhaps its owner needs to comprehend in order to propel on her journey. It dissolves emotional bondage, allowing you to heal serious wounds. Although not a cure, Lapis Lazuli has the ability to quickly release stress. It provides enormous peace and deep serenity and is a good tool for attaining spirituality. This stone has endless potential.


Admittedly, I have a shoddy piece of Lapis. You can find some gorgeous pieces that are dark blue with golden flecks coursing throughout. Raw crystals are incredible. But there can be little bits of white or green dispersed throughout, like mine above. I've heard of people confusing it with sapphire, but Lapis Lazuli will have more flecks in it. It looks deep like the night sky.


Often used in Egyptian artwork, this crystal was worshipped as a stone of heaven. With its golden flecks, the Egyptians thought this stone revealed mysteries in the night sky and it was often used to worship the Sky Goddess Isis, who was thought of as an all-seeing and all-knowing deity. It is her stone. Lapis was also buried with the deceased for eternal protection beyond this realm.