Stone Age: Labradorite


Labradorite is the perfect stone for someone looking to enhance her psychic abilities. It is called "the stone of magic" and is a common tool among mystics. It heightens mystical awareness and can supercharge your intuition. It carries a special connection to the auric field and can help protect one's aura from depletion, psychic vampires or negativity. This stone is a change maker and can provide deep insight into your sacred path so you can understand the destiny you chose prior to incarnating into this life. It increases self-confidence and pulls in the cryptic secret knowledge of the universe. It opens up your subconscious mind to understand, crave and seek out the universal synchronicities that many of us have forgotten as a species. Sister to moonstone, Labradorite works well paired with this stone as the two complement one another as the light and dark polars of goddess energy.


This stone is usually a dark grey colour but can vary with greens and blues. It can even be quite light and appear to look like any other pale river stone. But the real way to decipher if it's Labradorite is thanks to its flash or flame of brilliant colour when it catches the light. Greens, yellows, blues, purples and more glimmer if you twist it just right. The entire colour spectrum seems to smoulder from within the crystal. COOL!


If you're looking to overcome addiction of any kind, this stone is a useful tool. It weaves through all our inner muck to seek out our true desires and gives us the strength to overcome, seek aid and dispel any ties to psychic cords, past life traumas and challenges holding us back from overcoming our dependency problems.