Stone Age: Kyanite


Kyanite is a high-vibrational, healing stone. It opens up your spirit to spiritual honesty, allowing a flow of connection to stream into your consciousness, supercharging your intuition. It creates meridians and channels that formerly did not exist, and this can have a ripple effect in multiple areas of your life. It is often said that Kyanite creates bridges thanks to this energy grounded in connection, so if you need to bridge any gaps - communication, disputes, team building, psychic gifts, etc - Kyanite is a great choice in assisting you. It can help you to improvise and come up with creative solutions, encouraging you to think on your feet. If you've experienced soul loss from a major life event (physical, mental or emotional), Kyanite can help to rebuild any energy loss, replenishing your life force. If your body, especially, is recovering from something traumatic, Kyanite is very healing. For those beginning meditation, this stone makes a great, gentle partner, facilitating contact with higher beings while developing intuitive strength. One of Kyanite's coolest properties is its inability to attract or absorb negativity. This keeps it energetically clean, and never needing cleansing.


Raw Kyanite is bladed in a similar appearance to tourmaline, but the tumbled varieties (above) still show some of the stripe-like interior, often with bands of other colours similar to labradorite. It is commonly in blue, but also comes in green, purple, teal, orange, black - even pink and yellow! It often grows in twists and gnarls, showcasing a dynamic colour range. Each colour will have additional properties, specifically linking to the colour coordinated chakra.


Kyanite brings all the chakras into alignment. The longer you keep it on you, the deeper its healing penetrates. It can help attract positive vibrations into your aura, while helping you to project those same, feel-good vibes, outward to the environment around you. It emanates a powerful, high-vibrational, healing and happy vigor from your energy field.