Stone Age: Kunzite


Kunzite has two distinct and powerful roles. It is a stone of emotion, helping to encourage letting down any protective walls you may have knowingly or unknowingly erected around the heart. While these intentions may have been precautionary or defensive in nature, they can also prevent love from entering. It is important to keep the heart open in order to fully maximize the potential for growth and unconditional love. The rosier hues are sometimes deemed, "Woman's Stone" thanks to its support through the growing and aging female. From a young age, Kunzite encourages little ones to have a more restful and therapeutic sleep, melding into body acceptance and confidence in teens. When a woman enters motherhood, particularly as a new mother, Kunzite's supportive nature casts an enveloping and loving energy through the new and sometimes overwhelming struggles. If there is any heartache present, Kunzite is a great choice to repair heart-centred wounds, calming the nervous system and even strengthening intuitive powers to offer healing personal insight. The lavender hues offer additional therapeutic properties, soothing and calming any lingering stress and anxiety.


Kunzite is easily recognized by its pastel hues of soft pink, lavender and gentle apple green. It is glassy in appearance and has striations throughout, similar to tourmaline, but less fragile. It often has colourless or transparent areas in one particular stone, or can fade to a chalky white hue from its pastel colour. It is prone to fading if left in the sunlight.


If you're going somewhere where there has been a negative event or negative energy present, Kunzite is a good stone to keep on you. It is very protective around negativity, often shielding its owner in an invisible cloak so negativity can not penetrate or attach itself to you. While it will not absorb or deflect negativity, it will safeguard you against it.