Stone Age: King Cobra Jasper

I like the idea of therapy as a way to dedicate love and healing to my self, body and spirit. That's why so much of Rogue Wood is dedicated to self-care and wellness. Many of our life experiences have hinted that we should seek out formal therapy from an educated unbiased third party, but for me, unorthodox methods of therapy work really great, too - if not better. Feeling like I am in control of my own healing helps me to feel empowered, certain, and in control of my life. And while it has been difficult building up a level of self-awareness where I can look at myself and see my flaws and my strengths, I credit my relationship with crystals and their spirits to doing just that. Don't give up on yourself. Seek out the help you feel you need, and do the personal work to feel the absolute best that you can. King Cobra Jasper might be able to help you do just that:


King Cobra Jasper is known as the "healer or therapist" stone for its therapeutic qualities. When times are hard, this stone brings calmness, nurturing and understanding. If you find yourself feeling intense emotions of anger, confusion or that life isn't always fair, this would be a good crystal to seek out. It's energy is very balancing, making it good for high strung individuals and those who lack motivation. If there are difficulties with any of the chakras, working with King Cobra Jasper can help to neutralize these imbalances or blocks, bringing you peace and a sense of relaxation - finally allowing you to rest. It opens up one's spiritual path, allowing the Universe to put helpful people or things into our line of sight. This stone's beautiful energy is a great accompaniment to keep you feeling connected, strong and balanced.


This stone's impurities are what give it its interesting colours. Reminiscent of snake skin, King Cobra Jasper can be a combination of yellows, greens, browns and creams. The above stone is tumbled.


It's important that this crystal stays clean. Cleanse it regularly and don't allow any one but yourself to handle it. This stone will also hold the properties of jasper crystals, such as helping one with tranquility and gentle endings.

What did you think about this crystal? Stone Age showcases one new gemstone per week. Since there is a lot to know about crystals, I only cover the high points I find interesting. If you're curious about a certain stone, leave a comment below and I'll be sure to feature it.