Stone Age: Jet


Any black stone will be good for absorbing negativity, and Jet is no different, bringing with it some super protective qualities as well. So if you've got an energy-sucking ex-boyfriend or girlfriend who won't peace out, pick yourself up some jet. But, like any stone with strong absorption powers, be sure to cleanse jet after every use. Jet has old, calming energy and can be a great aid to ease anxiety. It has effective healing properties particularly when a person suffers from depression or anxiety. In ancient times, it was used in talismans for protection and often present at funerals, making it traditionally known to combat grief. Jet also resonates deeply with financial and business pursuits and is great for any entrepreneur to carry in her pocket or place on her desk for good luck. It has strong stable energy - perfect for new ventures.


Jet is a black stone that can sometimes appear brownish. Above, mine looks flat although it can come polished and shiny, too. To be sure you really have jet in your hands, rub it against wood or silk until it becomes electrically charged.


Jet is actually fossilized wood turned to coal, making it very light. Aside from providing financial security, it is also a great calming tool, so place it in a safe place in the room of a hyperactive child, or person with an overactive mind.

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