Stone Age: Jasper


Red Jasper is a equally energizing and grounding, making it a great stone to reboot and balance the auric field. If you need help in creating your personal boundaries or set of rules to govern your life by - seek out this stone! You do not have to give everything you've got to everyone else. Your boundaries are essential. Red Jasper also ignites passion in all your creative ideas and projects/pursuits, and balances any situations where you have been treated unfairly. If there is a circumstance in your life that you fear has the potential to become toxic, working with Red Jasper can assist in quelling the situation before any problems become out of control. If you're someone who spends a lot of time burdened with worry, Red Jasper is a great stone to keep on you. Use it as a worry stone, rubbing it in your pocket anytime you feel that familiar sense of worry creep up on you. Red Jasper is sometimes called "the stone of health" as it helps rebalance and detoxify the body when used in crystal healing. It improves strength, supports you during stressful times, and encourages you to help others.


Red Jasper has a dark coppery look. It's reminiscent of the rich red desert soil. It comes in shades of orangey-red, and can have bits of dark green or yellow in it. It's deep colour takes on a opacity like the colour of blood whether it is tumbled or raw.


Since this stone is so grounding and protective, it is good to keep on you if you work with troubled or disturbed individuals. This makes it a good stone choice for counsellors or teachers, or any individual who spends time around potential negative or harsh energy.