Stone Age: Jade


Jade is one of the luckiest stones you can keep on you because it is said that whatever Jade touches is blessed. This makes it a great stone choice for jewellery! It is an ultimate dream stone to help you facilitate contact with your spiritual team, be that guides, guardians, ancestors, power animals and more. It can help you to connect with them and establish powerfully healing relationships when tucked beneath your pillow, in a dream pillow, and even on your nightstand. It can help you to come up with creative solutions to anything ailing you, and acts as a quick restorative stimulant when touched. So keep a little tumbled piece in your pocket! It is a powerful love stone and can encourage trust in relationships, and dons strength in new courtship. It also inspires renewed romantic love in long-lasting relationships, making it a great love stone for all kinds of relationships. It helps heal any guilt lingering within your energy field and can invigorate you with hope if you're feeling defeated.


Jade is a creamy looking stone that comes in many shades of green. While green is most common, you can also find pieces that are pink, purple, blue, brown and even black. Each will carry Jade's properties with additional colour moodlets. Jade will often have light flecks within it, similar to a marble look, but can also be completely opaque.


Jade is a good stone to accompany you on your travels as it prevents any travel-related illnesses such as sea-sickness, nausea in air flight or car rides, and can protect you from getting sick while away. Questionable foreign food, anyone? No thanks! Keep your Jade with you for safe healthy travels.