Stone Age: Iolite


Iolite is a stone of endurance. It can help to motivate and push you when hope is wavering, or if you're struggling to find inner strength. When we feel as though we are constantly being pushed and tested, it is easy to want to retreat and give up, but Iolite can strengthen resolve. It helps to restore balance when we feel out of control, and it brings a zest and renewed determination while putting things back into a perspective that makes sense. If there are problems or tensions within the family, Iolite is a great crystal partner to help quell any dis-ease and return fairness. If you are feeling undervalued or pressured by loved ones, keep this amulet on you or place it in the centre of your home. Iolite can help free you from any expectations you may feel suffocated by - from yourself or from others, and can help you let go of the need to control feelings and experiences. It is deeply motivational, encouraging you to take back control of your own life. It belongs to you. It improves imagination and strengths innate, natural abilities, making it a great choice to keep as an amulet when working on something you're passionate about or inspired by. It can call on protective spirits to help guide you through difficult decisions, making it a good choice for meditation, visualization and journeying.


Iolite comes in shades of blue, purple and grey. It's glassy appearance can make it appear to change colour to something more dull or yellowish/greenish, though it is primarily violet or indigo in overall colour. It may change colour based on how the light hits it.


Iolite offers intense energy and focus when it comes to managing money. It shines a light on details, making them clearer for you to spot, understand and therefore, to handle. If you are trying to climb out of debt or take the reigns on your financial life to build yourself a strong foundation, Iolite is a great lucky stone to bring to the table to help motivate you. It is connected to Vikings and was used as an amulet to guide them on their journeys, offering hope, focus, and helping them to venture into their "New World" safely.