Stone Age: Infinite


Infinite Stone is also called the "Healer's Stone" and it's immediately easy to sense the crystals curative energy just upon seeing it. It's healing energy is gentle yet effective, making it great to use for those who are feeling vulnerable. It welcomes a deep sense of peace, so if you're very stressed or anxious, or if you're thoughts are muddled and confused (or giving you a lot of pressure), this is a good stone for you. It promotes restfulness, healthy habits, and gently releases the pressure that can come with needing to control things (when they're at an unhealthy level, becoming obsessive, or causing you anxiety). It's great to keep on your bedside to encourage healing, restful sleep. Place this by your bedside after a particularly gruelling physical, mental or emotional day! This stone is good to use for those intense emergencies for quick effects, rather than the cumulative effect of bedtime stones like Amethyst. This stone is nurturing, quells worry, and helps restore the physical body.


Infinite Stone is in the Serpentine Family, and its greens and milky whites will look familiar. It has a variety of green colours from dull greyish green, to mint green, to more of a lemony-green. Look for the stripe-like pattern that usually courses through the stone, along with multiple shades of green in one stone.


This is a great stone for healing practitioners, such as Body Talk, Reiki, therapists/counsellors and social workers. If you work with others it is a great stone to have on you so you can help your clients feel safe. It helps increase healing during these treatments, and is great for the practitioner to hold/work with.