Stone age: Howlite


Sometimes called a "stone of awareness," Howlite can help identify any unhealthy attachments you may have to others. It can help you to disable and remove psychic cords that others have strung around you, bringing an openness and sense of freedom. It is calming and healing, offering insight to areas in your life that could you some elbow grease and attention. It improves emotional wellbeing while dissolving any negative feelings, and gives its owner a kick in the pants to avoid procrastination. Howlite is believed to quell anger and bubbling emotions! If you are struggling with frustration or a difficult situation, keep a piece of Howlite in your pocket and thumb it when you're feeling anxious. It will help stimulate a more receptive and calming perspective, eliminating any difficulties with self-control.


Howlite is most identifiable by it's marble like skin. This white stone has light grey to charcoal veining throughout. This stone is often artificially coloured to mimic other stones thanks to its relatively soft exterior, helping to absorb colour.


Howlite's connection to past lives and the insight they can provide make this a great stone to meditate with if you're seeking counsel on past life work. Whether you are journeying to gain insight or performing a past life regression, Howlite is a good crystal partner for the ride. Understanding past life occurrences can offer deep healing wisdom and insight to situations or circumstances that are currently ailing you.