Stone Age: Hematite

Hematite is a great tool for balance and protection | Rogue Wood Supply


Hematite balances yin and yang properties within us. It's a great tool for anyone feeling imbalanced - too masculine or too feminine. It stabilizes our spiritual higher self and our physical self, connecting the two so we can feel more harmonious in our day-to-day. This is a deeply grounding stone and a "stone of the mind" making it a great companion for studying or developing original and creative ideas. This stone boosts self-esteem, inner strength and vitality, and gives its owner a hearty dose of protection. It has a deeply strengthening connection to the earth, helping us to feel more connected to source, the Great Spirit, God or the Universe. Hematite cloaks its owner in an invisible shield, acting like an armour against negativity, ensuring that you don't absorb the negative energy of others. Seek out this stone for mental organization. This stone is often sold with magnetic properties - perfect as a fridge magnet for the modern mystic.


Hematite is a dark grey or black stone with a silver lustre. This stone can be magnetic, clinging to other pieces of Hematite. When polished like mine above, it can have an almost mirror like effect since the sheen is so bright.


This stone gets its name from the Latin translation of blood stone, though it is not like the green and red blood stone we know in English. However, when Hematite is found in its natural state, it's actually a rusty red! It gets its colour when polished.