Stone Age: Pink Halite


Halite encourages you to succumb to the guidance of your higher self. It helps draw out any sort of blocks or impurities hanging out in your aura and soul, purifying your energy system to help you see things clearly. It removes feelings of oppression, and social or responsibility suffocation. Halite also protects from future negative vibes attaching themselves to you again. If you find you are feeling down in the dumps and you need a jolt of clarity to help refresh you, seek out a beautiful chunk of Halite. It helps dissolve old patterns that no longer suit your path, allowing you to transcend into the next phase of your journey. It also helps ground the properties of other stones you are working with, allowing them to activate their full potential since your energy system will be a fresh blank slate. This is a stone to help you leave your current unhealthy state and welcome a new loving path of success and happiness.


Halite is fragile and crusty, often with tiny cubic squares piling on top of itself. It can appear more compact and less cubic in some varieties. It is available in white, blue and pink. Pink Halite specifically helps with detaching spirit clingers to you, while promoting a sense of freedom and being loved. It also encourages your spirit to evolve and grow, especially if things have felt stagnant.


All varieties of Halite help with purification and the evolution of your multi-dimensional self. But it also helps you see the magic in the ordinary; though Halite has a cubic crystal system, it's actually just the mineral name for... salt!

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