Stone Age: Goldstone


Since Goldstone is actually a manmade stone, it is said that it helps in achieving one's goals. It is a very personal stone and great for healing, particularly long distance healing as it strengthens a person's inner lustre. Since this stone is made up of glass it is great for self-reflection and enhancement. It also promotes personal luck as this gem was discovered by chance. Goldstone is great for the ambitious person as it can help direct their energy to reap more fruitful outcomes and successes. If you want an added dose of luck and a little extra push from the universe, keep a little piece of goldstone in your pocket, thumbing it regularly to remind yourself of your vision, plans and dreams. Brace yourself for a slew of clever ideas.


Goldstone is traditionally an orangey-brown colour, but also comes in blue and green varieties - like mine above! Regardless of colour, each piece of goldstone has brilliant sparkly flecks in it, though green varieties are harder to come by. They are polished smooth and usually one solid colour. Many people feel a pull to this crystal but are deterred when they hear it is manmade. But don't be fooled: this stone is very powerful and was used religiously in ancient times as a prized amulet.


This crystal's birth came accidentally, when monks were toying with alchemy and by a twist of fate combined two items together. Thousands of these tiny crystals were formed and their sparkle was hard to ignore. Goldstone has been deemed an energy stone primarily thanks to the way it came about - hell bent on being born! This is why it is sometimes referred to as Monk's Stone.