Stone age: Garnet


Garnet has the wonderful ability to energize otherwise depleted systems. It helps to regenerate and cleanse our auras, filling us with a balanced, relaxed energy. It also infuses us with passion and desire, making it a great stone to reconnect with what makes you feel happy. It inspires love and devotion and smoothes out any ruffles happening with your emotions. It is also a potent sex stone (hello), tapping into that kundalini energy and giving your passion potency. But it's also a stone of commitment, making the passion between loving partners burn brighter. It removes inhibitions and opens up the heart. Garnet can also dissolve any feelings of crisis, returning your power to you so you can turn that crisis into a challenge you're willing to meet. It will also amplify the properties of others stones it is positioned with, making for a good choice in your gridwork.


I always think garnet looks like deliciously plump black cherries. Though a deep red, this stone usually looks dark brown or black but will have a redness within. It can also be pinkish, orange, or yellow.


Garnet has a multitude of variations and each of these variations will have additional properties. But really red garnet is an exquisite stone for True Love. Sexual and romantic love. It has more oomph behind it than other traditional love stones. It will dispel any anger you are feeling toward yourself and heal that festering wound within your heart.