Stone Age: Galena


Galena imbues its owner with an inner calm and strength that transforms into a courageous spirit. It drops like a stone in your stomach, helping to centre and ground you, while instilling a powerful inner might that is focused and clear. It helps traverse deep into dream recall or past life work, helping to identify and understand embedded fears that are affecting this life. It helps to heal a wounded or damaged spirit, making it a good partner for shamanic work, such as a stone for journeying and power animal retrieval. This is a great stone to work with if you are trying to ease into and adjust to a new routine, thanks to its stability and grounding effects. It can help us to work and move more efficiently, improving our personal energy supplies, and it's effective in spiritual detoxes, such as shedding old belief systems. Galena can be a very transformative stone, especially for those buzzing with too much erratic, unfocused, or nervous energy.


Galena has a metallic appearance. It is primarily grey/silver but has a lilac and purplish hue that is more present as certain angles. It is typically granular and shiny but can have knobby rough patches, making it very fragile. It is heavier than a lot of stones thanks to its lead base. It is sometimes called the "Sister to pyrite," it's golden counterpart.


Galena is often used in crystal healing to help rid the body of toxicity such as radiation. Thanks to its absorbing effects, it is recommended to keep on you or near by whenever using something that emits a harmful electromagnetic field (EMF), such as TVs and computers, or if you've been exposed to any physical toxicity. This idea spills over well to nutritional detoxes, making it a good stone to help you through any detox or reset, acting as a talisman or amulet. But due to its high lead content, it should not be handled with bare skin for immense lengths of time, and hand washing is encouraged after using it.