Stone Age: Galaxite


Galaxite stops any leaks in the aura, helping you to regain your spiritual and emotional stamina. It's a good stone for those who are empaths or sensitive. It encourages deep transformations, and helps ground your energy, especially if you feel tossed around energetically. This can be a common feeling that empaths experience, since they can often leak out their energy supply, lowering their personal vital life force. Galaxite will help to replenish you, and return your magic to you. It helps to encourage growth within the four subtle bodies, (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual) encouraging mental power (intellect), emotional power (strength), physical power (health and wellness), and spiritual power (intuition). Galaxite strives to bring the body and spirit back to the most balanced state possible, especially through prolonged use when worn.


This dark stone is actually a micro-labradorite blend, and you'll catch tiny glimmers of labradorite sparkling and catching the light when you twist it about. The tiny blue and green flecks are very glitter-like against the black, dark blue, grey or green crystal. Where labradorite has large pearlescent sheets, Galaxite will appear more speckled.


Since it is part of the Labradorite family, Galaxite will carry a lot of similar properties to Labradorite, but they are however, amplified, especially in regards to its encouragement toward total transformation in the four subtle bodies. This is a very powerful stone, albeit unassuming.