Stone Age: Flint


For our ancestors, Flint was vital; used to make tools, weapons, the spark of fire and more. Much like how this stone could sever items for those who came before us, Flint is also great for severing or cutting ties to any old thought patterns or people. If you need to cut any cords regarding old stagnant energy or those who are clinging to you, Flint is a great accompaniment to the ritual. It is an intellectual amplifier, helping your thought patterns to be strong, logical and precise. This stone promotes sacred consciousness and gives its owner a sense of spirituality making it great for those who feel depleted or like they've lost their way. If you want to reconnect to spirit, the earth, your feminine energy; Flint can activate the synapses in your mind that help you to recognize the magic of the Universe. It helps its owner become aware of the higher levels of reality. Place Flint in the centre of your home to encourage organization and balance.


Flint can be glassy, strong and brittle all at one. It is usually light or dark grey, often with strips of other hues throughout, like the white arms coursing through mine, above. Thanks to its high water content, a popping or cracking sound emerges when placed in fire. And of course, when struck against another piece of Flint - it will spark! This stone can be found all over the world, but there is an abundance in Europe.


Flint used to be worn as a protection amulet, warding off evil spirits and energy. In Shamanic practices, Flint was used to cut through negative energy and even banish evil spirits from haunted places. When practicing the ritual of facing death, Shamans often used Flint for protection on the spiritual quest, making it a great companion for astral journeying.

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