Stone Age: Emerald


Emerald is an intuition stone, helping its owner enhance any visionary or intuitive abilities. It's one of a couple wisdom stones, often increasing mental clarity and providing insight on things that are locked deep in our subconscious. Despite its mental enhancements, this stone is strongly linked to the heart chakra. It balances emotional relationships and can enhance loyalty between partners. It gives strength to the heart, helping its owner triumph over any problems. If you want to attract more love into your life, or improve the current love in your life, Emerald is a great stone to keep on you. This stone works great in meditation, helping you pull its loving energy into the heart chakra. It's a great manifestation crystal. Emerald can also increase the image of a business.


Green green green! Emeralds have a bright green lustre and have been prized for centuries. Mine above is raw and shows the stone's true colour. When polished, these stones light up and are incredible bright. However, manmade Emerald is brighter than true Emerald, making fakes slightly easy to spot. True Emerald will be slightly deeper in colour.


Emerald is known as the stone of "Successful Love" and works wonders in relationships. This romantic stone brings passion into relationships, but most importantly is improves the friendship in a romantic relationship. It removes barriers and renews feelings of love and bliss.

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