Stone Age: Dream Quartz


As its name would offer, Dream Quartz can act as a gateway to deep meditative trances, intense travelling and journeying, and even with lucid dreaming at night (when you are able to control your dreams). It offers protection and strength during these states (epidote component; see below), and helps to stir past-life recall to offer deeper and potentially unknown insight into your current life. It is said that there are two common reactions to this stone: immediate attraction and immediate dislike. Since this stone has a strong vibration that either resonates or does not resonate, if you feel an aversion to it, try to be mindful of what type of emotions or ideas Dream Quartz is stirring up in you for insight into something that may be holding you back. Are you ready to transcend those limiting patterns, ideas or thoughts? Since this stone is connected to dreams - our hopes and wishes - those with an aversion to this stone may actually not be living out their dream, and this vibration is jarring against a crystal that encourages honouring this part of you. The opposite is true if you feel a pull to this stone. If you've had enormous setbacks or are feeling heavy, desperate or defeated, this is the stone to aid you in propelling your soul growth, helping you bounce back wiser and stronger. And more aware.


Dream Quartz is actually "epidote in quartz" and in can have dark greenish streaks or spots throughout. It is generally translucent with dark inflections. It sometimes has a light green hue overall all, and this stone is found in the dark green and light green varieties - though not always together. It is believed the two different hues actually hold different vibrations as well (the light green being gentler).


Wishing for a different future? Working with Dream Quartz is believed to help you dream up a new positive future, offering you the tools to put your dreams into place through healing and understanding past life traumas that could be affecting you in this life.