Stone Age: Dragon's Blood

Dragon's Blood, community stone | Rogue Wood Supply


Dragon’s Blood is a community stone, helping to increase and stabilize the bonds in large and small groups. It is a goal-oriented crystal, encouraging support through goals that usually involve a group of individuals to work harmoniously together. It is said this stone strengthens the aura, erecting a barrier of protection just outside the aura, preventing anything from penetrating or interrupting the harmony of your own energetic field. With its intense bonding effects, this stone helps to quell any feelings of loneliness, and even helps draw other supportive energies to you. It helps you to develop new sacred rituals for yourself, while abolishing the old ones that no longer serve you. This stone reminds you of your value, and how you are part of a greater collective. It improves connection, self-confidence, and yet an inner wildness and inspiration to follow your true calling. Working with this stone promotes a hardworking nature - support to the blood sweat and tears needed to fulfill your objectives, collectively or as an individual.


This is a dark green stone with muddy red inflection throughout. The green can vary from yellowish to a deep hunter green, while the red inclusions can sometimes nearly take over the entire stone. When raw, this stone takes on a pyrite-like appearance - as if red drops of blood were smeared across it. It’s powerful.


There are old stories about this stone being derived from the Dragon Kingdom, and that the green and red inflections are the blood and scales of long perished dragons. The community-focus this stone supports is believed to come from the loyalty and companionship of these creatures.