Stone age: Desert Rose


This formation of selenite helps to destroy any self-limiting beliefs we may be holding against ourselves. It fills in this void with positivity and love, realigning us with our truth. If you are working with any affirmations or manifestation meditations, Desert Rose is exceptional at building strength behind your intentions. This crystal helps link past lives, tapping into the soul self to encourage that progress continues to build with each new life. If there has been any carry forward regarding lessons between lives, Desert Rose offers insight on the circumstance to initiate and encourage growth. A true personal stone, Desert Rose's loving energy helps peel away the many layers of past-life buildup to reveal an authentic self. It identifies desire and truth, igniting a spark of brilliant clarity on your goals, loves and hopes for personal destiny. It is a gentle angel stone, tenderly easing worries through divine angelic contact. It will also carry forward any properties that selenite has.


Very much looking like it's namesake, Desert Rose has a very floral appearance. Though it can come in many colours (to which it will also hold that colour's name within its name), Desert Rose comes in white, grey, beige and brown hues in its natural form. It will always appear in this cluster formation.


This stone echoes the imprint of the world's voice, understanding all that has happened to lead us up to this point. Because of this, it holds immense knowledge on past-lives, making it a valuable partner through healing past-life traumas, and really doing the work. It can be used in scrying capabilities, offering insight into the future based on past experiences as examples. It is a great stone to meditate with for deep insight.