Stone Age: Clinozoisite

As human beings, we're always looking to improve upon ourselves or grow in some way beneficial. But sometimes we can get lost or traipse too far down a path we don't really want to be on, making it hard to figure out how to get off it. When I bought this stone, I couldn't explain why, but I felt a sense of ease as I held it in my hand - realizing it reminded me of a tiny human heart. Clinozoisite is a great personal crystal and is often drawn to its owner for a very special reason. Read what it is below:


If you need to improve on something, Clinozoisite should be your go-to crystal. It is known for increasing the energies around it, be that feelings of love, the determination to study, or even how fast you can run. It is a great cleanser of past emotions and has a therapeutic effect on the heart and heart chakra. It works on improving ones self-confidence and awareness, encouraging forgiveness for past issues. Clinozoisite can stabilize the body's energy flow, helping you to feel more in tune, balanced and at ease. If you have had trouble allowing yourself to spiritually grow, or you feel you have receded in some way, Clinozoisite can open you back up by clearing the aura. However if you find yourself drawn to this stone, it can signify a brilliant spiritual awakening!


Tumbled Clinozoisite is often a dull pink or beige colour with specks of a sandy hue or forest green. They are usually a dense mixture of these colours, but I selected mine above thanks to its rather solid colour pattern and because it reminded me of the human heart. The raw versions are often more dark green.


If the body has gone through a type of radiation, such as treatment for cancer patients, Clinozoisite can aid in the detoxing effects of expelling the toxic radiation from the body. Since it also enhances the recuperation process, this would be a great stone to gift to a cancer patient.

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