Stone Age: Citrine


Citrine is a great "success" stone as it is known for its power with abundance. It is a lucky stone, and its bright energy is full of feel-good vibes that its owner can benefit from. While this stone promotes prosperity in all areas, it is particularly good in dealing with wealth or business. It also promotes generosity within its owner so that all the good things coming toward you can be shared. This is a hopeful stone making it a good tool for those beginning a new venture, project or business. It banishes negativity, making it a good partner for mindfulness or meditation practices. It brings confidence and clarity and can have you feeling full of life. This happy stone removes negative energy from your aura, whether it is stagnant or new.


Citrine is typically yellow with some dark orange pieces. But this crystal can also be primarily white with only a bit of colour to it, too. A really rich nugget with be a blend of white, yellow and deep orange, but don't be surprised if its colours range from smokier hues to bright colours. It is known as being a yellow form of quartz crystal.


Since Citrine is the abundance stone, it will work overtime for you in the wealth corner of your home. The wealth corner of your home is the back left most point in your house or to any room. With that in mind, it would make sense to place a piece of Citrine in the back of your home office.