Stone Age: Chrysoprase


Chrysoprase is THEE happiness stone! This guy banishes negative thoughts like jealousy, greed and self-centredness, and sends out an alluring incense into the world to attract prosperity and joy to you, complete with wholesome intentions. It encourages authentic self-expression, making it a good partner for artists. It is believed when someone is drawn to this stone and its hue, that they are seeking courage in a specific area of their life. It is important to recognize that the courage and raw power is already innate within, but may need help in being guided in the most effective direction. Thanks to its connection to prosperity, Chrysoprase was traditionally worn to assist its owner in attracting money, so keep a piece in your pocket, bra or in a pendant to help with those looming bills. And for those who practice honouring the sacred and divine feminine, Chrysoprase is a magnificent item to keep on your personal altar to appreciate and respect this energy. It helps to induce deep meditative states, a perfect complement for your personal rituals and "me time" in front your altar.


Chrysoprase comes in yummy shades of green, from bright apple, to bluish mint. Often opalescent, this stone may have white, grey or gold flecks within it. It can fade quickly if exposed to direct sunlight, so be sure to tuck it somewhere safe in the home, and away from a space where the sun's rays can fall directly upon it.


Constantly doubting yourself or silently thinking you're not good enough? Chrysoprase gently washes away these emotions, mending any dis-ease that has manifested in the heart or heart chakra thanks to its ability to attract positivity and self-love. It also protects its owner from evil spirits and entities, which can be drawn to a person with negative or unstable thoughts.