Stone Age: Cherry Quartz


Cherry Quartz carries the transformative properties of glass. It is a very positive manmade stone and helps bring you into alignment with your true feelings, especially if you've been stuffing them down, or lying to yourself. Its glass-inspired properties help you to self-reflect in an honest, pure way. It helps heal grief and sadness, as the colour pink carries with it no negative emotions, making it a great partner when healing, peace and positivity are needed. Its emotional healing is offered in a gentle nurturing way. It can help bring the excitement back to romance when used in a new relationship or in something more long-term, and if you have felt hungry for romance (but maybe feel pessimistic about it) this is a great stone to keep with you. Cherry Quartz encourages expressing femininity and softness, especially regarding character.


Most importantly, Cherry Quartz isn't actually quartz. It's manmade glass. But I'm not about shunning manmade crystals (like this great stone), because they still have energetic properties, unique environements/temperatures and intentions when they were born. Cherry Quartz is bright pink, often with lighter swirls in its centre/core, making it very desirable. It does have a glassy texture about it, making it easy to identify.


Cherry Quartz is a good stone to use in chromotherapy (colour healing) since it's pink colour is very vibrant. It is often compared to rose quartz and clear quartz, but it is not in the quartz family, despite its name. Sometimes this stone is mislabeled as colour-infused rose quartz; keep your eyes peeled as rose quartz would never come in this colour.