Stone Age: Celestite


Celestite is wonderful for those suffering with anxiety or stress. It is a hopeful stone, great at assisting its owner in remaining positive while it quiets the things causing you dis-ease. As an angel stone, it has a strong connection to the Angelic Realm. What makes Celestite special is that is can attune you to a specific angel. Through meditation or visualization, Celestite will bring forth an angel to you. Greet the angel and ask it if it will work with you on a continued basis. Angel energy is deeply healing and wise. This angel may stay with you as a spirit guide for some time, so you can truly reap the benefits. Celestite helps to purify the aura and keeps conversations easy, light and smooth, making it a good companion for any therapy you may be undergoing or planning on attending. It is a vital stone to have on you if you're doing any angel work or want to develop your natural psychic abilities.


Sometimes called Celestine, this dreamy crystal is light blue and white. Though it can be other colours, it is pretty rare. Most Celestite/Celestine you will find will be shades of blue and white. It has a pearly lustre and often has transparent spots.


If you find your thoughts are cloudy, confused or stressful, or simply not spilling out with ease, Celestite is a a great crystal to help you sift through what information is needed, necessary and accurate. It can provide mental/emotional clarity, and help you to communicate your thoughts elegantly. It is a great stone for public or motivational speakers, counsellors, writers and those in communications.