Stone Age: Carnelian


Carnelian is a bright and positive stone, full of feel-good energy. It harnesses sun energy and basks its owner in happiness and positivity. It encourages a boldness within, especially with those who are mild or timid. It is sometimes called the "Singer's Stone" thanks to its vocal encouragement and clarity, donning a magical confidence, especially to those in public speaking or whom are required to use their voice boldly in the performance or communications fields. It is courageous, lucky and attracts prosperity and ambition. It helps disintegrate the fear around death, and is a warm asset to anyone who may be close to the end of their journey. It launches a personal "zest for life" when in your company, making it a great stone for those who need a little kick in the pants or reset. It encourages sacred community and loyalty, and has even been said to light a fire or rekindle dull flames between two people who, although may love each other, have lost their spark. Remember, embers aren't quite exhausted yet! Just be careful because under this stone's influence, fertility may be improved. Carnelian is often recommended through the consummation of love, or with conceiving a child.


This orange stone is glassy and smooth, feeling weighty in comparison to some of its other crystal counterparts in the quartz family. It's orange hue can range from bold and bright, to a slightly muddled brownish orange, and even a poppy-red colour depending on the growth process.


Carnelian is one of the special crystals out there that helps keep all the other stones it is with sparkly and energetically clean. Place it with your other stones as an alternative to cleansing your crystals, or if you do not have as much maintenance time to dedicate to your stones.