Stone Age: Calcite


Much like quartz, Calcite comes in abundant varieties. Its most important property is that it is a powerful cleanser of energy and it works wonders on people and in spaces. It is immensely powerful in "deep soul healing," and aligns the chakras while removing dis-ease from the subtle bodies. Working with it will help you to feel your best, particularly if you're unsure where or why you don't feel well. This is a sign that a subtle body is out of balance. It helps to propel growth and spiritual advancement, and has the ability to help its owner reach higher consciousness and awareness, encouraging the soul to remember the many lessons it has learned over various lives. Calcite stimulates something called "emotional intelligence" offering maturity and understanding while uniting mental and emotional ideas/opinions. It is a hopeful stone, making it a great gift for someone who is feeling low or lacklustre, as it increases energy. It can help to spotlight what is important and requires your attention, especially if you're feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to proceed or where to put your energy.


Calcite comes in all colours of the rainbow, and different colours will come with different names and properties. It is identifiable by its cloudy translucent appearance, and is sometimes waxy looking. It is not as clear as quartz, though they are sometimes confused. Some varieties are banded, similar to agate (mangano calcite).


Place Calcite in any room and it will cleanse the space of negativity while heightening positive energies that exist there. It has effective detoxifying properties both energetically and therapeutically when used as a gem elixir. Calcite comes in many varieties such as mangano calcite, optical calcite, honey calcite and more.