Stone Age: Botswana Pink Agate


Botswana Pink Agate is a soothing stone that helps ease its owner through any transitions with positivity and grace. It is helpful in overcoming any form of negativity, addiction or dependency, and doing so in an elegant and understanding way. So if you're ready to quell your smoking addiction, your misunderstood addicted relationship to food, sex, gambling - you name it - Botswana Pink Agate is a gentle enough pink stone to enhance the self-love required for such an undertaking, while gently giving you the courage to dissolve the outdated modalities. It teaches its owner not to dwell, but to seek out positive and rewarding solutions. It helps promote maturity and encourages personal contemplation while driving up inner strength and stability. It's also quite powerful when used in gridwork, and good to keep on windowsills around the home. 


I swear this is like, the cotton candy version of a crystal. It comes in soft shades of lavender and pink, and is often banded with grey. Most agates having banding or stripes throughout, but they can also be pocky or have circular markings throughout, like mine above. Banded or speckled, these stones are easy to identify thanks to their soft blending of colours. Some stones may be pocked with a cream-like hue.


If your agate does have a pock or an "eye" in it, it is considered very lucky, protective and overall auspicious. Keeping this crystal on you when you need a dose of luck, say with a bet or in picking lottery numbers, is said to enhance your good fortune. I'm officially bringing it to Bingo.