Stone Age: Blue Moonstone


Blue Moonstone is an extremely high-vibrational stone. It releases and stimulates unawakened potential allowing for profound transformation and high levels of consciousness. This stone can absolutely ignite an ethereal knowledge and connection in you, activating a sense of spirituality within. It can bring past-life awareness to the forefront, offering peace and understanding of potential hardships in your current life because they may have originated in another life. Connected to the moon, this awareness may come to you in dreams. Blue Moonstone activates a cosmic anchor, helping connect your physical world to the spiritual realms, without causing any overwhelming sensations - just deep wisdom and understanding of secret cosmic knowledge. This anchor shoots through the body, connecting you deep into the earth, but also upward to source, spiralling through the chakra system. It helps promote a balanced, connected energy that is open and aware without becoming ungrounded. You may also love nighttime under the influence of this stone, finding that your best ideas come rushing to you.


Blue moonstone is a light stone with sparkling, opalescent patches that shimmer a blueish purple hue. It may have dark spotted/speckled inflections, but the overall stone will have a blue hue to it. Some stones can have a very blue tone, but the blue colour is predominantly in the shimmer.


Blue Moonstone is a highly feminine stone, helping to awaken your intuitive abilities. It can bring insight to psychic gifts, but although it is powerful, it is still a gentle stone. Where Rainbow Moonstone may be overwhelming for some people with sensitive energies, Blue Moonstone is a great alternative because it is not draining.