Stone Age: Bloodstone


Bloodstone is an excellent grounding stone and promotes balanced heart energy. It is revitalizing, encourages flexibility, and can help you adjust to times, places and situations that you're uncomfortable or unfamiliar with. It promotes a courageous heart and can help you to remain in the present moment. It will also soften bold emotions such as irritability and anger or aggressiveness, and help you to see clearly through the overwhelming consumption of such negative feelings. Is the blood rushing to your head in heaping bouts of anger? Bloodstone is the stone for you. Place a bloodstone gem elixir by your bedside to encourage a restorative and restful sleep without interruptions. If there are any metaphysical bruises or sore spots on your ancestral line, Bloodstone will gently wipe them clean. It gets its name for being a blood and liver purifier and its ability to effectively cleanse energy. It is a stone that helps you work through ailments in the lower chakras.


Bloodstone is a dark forest green stone, identifiable by its often flecked red pieces of jasper, or light/white-ish chalky areas. It is also known as heliotrope. It is classified as a red and green stone.


In ancient times, Bloodstone was believed to communicate in whispers to its owner, offering mystical insight and wisdom. It was believed that it could help one control the weather, cast away evil spirits and even shrink tumours during ancient Egyptian times. It was used for many medicinal practices for the liver, blood, bladder, kidneys, intestines and other organs in the abdomen.