Stone Age: Black Tourmaline


Black tourmaline is a shamanic stone, and great to use during any of your journeying or personal rituals. As a black stone, it absorbs negativity, trapping it in its core. This stone has the ability to become electrically charged when it is heated, igniting one end of the stone as a positive and one end as a negative. One side will attract items, and the other will repel items (small basic things like dust or debris). This stone is incredibly protective, banishing unwanted spirits and energy away. It protects against psychic attack, the unwanted energy people knowingly or unknowingly send your way, and can help you to stay focused on positivity and light thanks to its absorption of negativity. Think of this stone as a positive and protective force in your life, and it will do just that for you. When it removes negativity from you, imagine it transforming that energy within its dark core, and regurgitating it as a positive fluid vibration. This stone is a great partner for anyone who feels exhausted emotionally or mentally, and can help restore your energy supplies, particularly with adrenal fatigue.


Black tourmaline reminds me of charred wood that remains after a hearty bonfire. It has long vertical streams, and is deeply black. This stone is brittle and can crumble easily if not handled with care thanks to its heavy bulk.


Black tourmaline is one of the most protective stones you can seek out for your toolkits. If you're just beginning your crystal collection, seek out this stone for protection. It is gentle enough for beginners, but strong enough to really help your energy systems. Some crystals are more potent than others (like obsidian), and could be too intense for beginners.