Stone Age: Black Quartz


As your spiritual awareness increases, there will be inevitably be encounters with lower entities/energies. Black Quartz is a leading stone in shielding you from these impure vibrations. Its protective qualities expand beyond these energies, as it purifies the space it is in. It is great to use in crystal grids, making a home in the corner of your home. It is said that this crystal carries the vibration of "OM", the Universal voice of the world. It cleanses meridians by dissolving any blockages when worn, and has the same effect in the home. It raises the consciousness of its owner, shining a light on the many dimensions in the Universe and within ourselves. This is a great stone for your tool kit to promote protection, purification and spiritual growth.


Like all quartz, Black Quartz will have a transparent component, although it is primarily tinted black, or dark greens or greys thanks to material trapped within its inclusions.


Black Quartz expands the aura, improving your sensitivity to your own energy and the energy of others. It enhances natural psychic abilities, making it a trusted tool for experienced and beginning meditators. It is a great partner for deep meditation and can help you to feel lighter, healthier and balanced.