Stone Age: Basalt


Also called lava or volcanic rock, imagine the tremendous transformation that basalt must go through - a rock heating to such extremes that it is liquidized and then hardened again with deep pockets... pockets acting like a memory of the intensity completed. This rock represents incredible strength as so much energy is kept inside it. Basalt can direct power into its owner and renewed life energy. It helps to stabilize the erratic and even soften any harsh attributes within yourself. It helps its owner to self-reflect and acknowledge which parts need tweaking, while giving the energy to make the changes necessary for betterment. This stone is great for enhancing creativity or to assist those working on a creative project. It can sometimes give a "bolt" of creativity. If you have suffered with anger issues, Basalt is a great stone to help cleanse and purify you of these energies.


Dark brown or black, this hardened volcanic rock is often quite light in weight, its surface filled with deep pocky marks.


This stone is pure fire energy. If you come into owning this volcanic rock or find yourself drawn to it, you may be a firey person who needs to reengage her inner powerhouse. Those with a timid nature may still be drawn to Basalt as a symbol to become more brazen.